My Passion is Teaching

I teach in English and German, online and live in the studio.

Ich unterrichte auf Englisch und auf Deutsch, online und live im Studio.


Anmelden für Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rachel Jackson-Weingärtner MA, RAD RTS., RAD Trustee, Examiner & Tutor, SAC Dip (Child Psychology), LISTD Dipl.

Rachel was born in England and grew up in a town called Mirfield. Although dancing played a vital role in her childhood, music was just as prevalent, studying the classical guitar, flute, violin and piano. At the age of sixteen, Rachel was offered a privileged place at the Vocational College “Dorothy Stevens School of Ballet and Performing Arts” to study full time as a dancer and dance teacher. In these three intensive years, she attained many examinations and diplomas from the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.) as a dancer but also as a dance teacher in classical ballet, modern dance, tap, national and character dance.

After living and working in Japan and Korea for 3,5 years she returned home and taught for one year at the college where she had trained before moving to Hamburg, Germany in 1992. Whilst teaching at the International School and at a private ballet school, Rachel discovered her love for teaching students to become professional dance teachers in classical ballet, modern, tap, character and national dance.
Moving to Gelnhausen, Germany in 1996, Rachel continued working as a freelance teacher/mentor eventually opening Vocational College for dancers and dance teachers in 1999. In 2003 Rachel trained as an examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance® and travels worldwide examining children and students in classical ballet. In 2015, Rachel became a standardisation examiner for the RAD. Often, she is “on the road” for the Royal Academy of Dance® as an examiner, CBTS and CPD Tutor. In 2021 she was appointed a Trustee for the Royal Academy of Dance® and finished her Masters Degree in the art of Teaching Classical Ballet from the Palucca University of Dance, Dresden. Rachel has commenced her further educational program as an instructor for Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology. This combines and connects with her Diploma in Child Psychology which she was awarded in 2011.

Over the past 14 years, Rachel has had the pleasure to teach on many Summer and Easter Schools throughout Europe but has also developed many teachers courses. Her main work now is teaching and mentoring teachers and students for examinations face to face but working over Zoom has widened her visions and possibilities for teachers in the field of further education.
Another  important part to Rachel's career is judging for championships. Being a successful choreographer herself for tap dance formations (many German and World Championship titles) Rachel is now a sought after judge by IDO World Championships and has just recently passed her exams as a supervisor and chairperson for IDO. Since 2022 Rachel has been invited also to judge for the prestigious finals of Dance World Cup. 

"As an RAD examiner, CBTS and CPD Tutor, Ms Rachel Jackson’s extensive professional knowledge and background in classical ballet inspired teachers and students to develop effective strategies, technique, musicality and performance, making them guided, gained and enlightened. She is a very nice, patient, effective and helpful mentor/tutor."
Miranda Huang, RTS/Tutor from China

 "Selbst als erfahrene Ballettlehrerin, ist das Mentoring durch Rachel Jackson für mich eine immense Bereicherung und Erweiterung meines Wissens. Rachel verfügt über ein riesiges Spektrum an Lernstrategien und über eine vertiefte Kenntnis der verschiedenen Ballettstile. Dadurch hilft sie mir neue Wege, Übungen und Lösungen zu finden, die zum Ziel führen. Ich habe ein bewussteres Auge für die Prüfungskriterien entwickelt, dadurch kann ich meine Schüler/innen effizienter auf Prüfungen vorbereiten."                                                        Anonym, Schweiz



"Ich habe mit Rachel für die Prüfungsvorbereitung unserer Advanced Foundation Studenten mehrere Mentoring Stunden absolviert und bin dankbar für die tolle Unterstützung und die vielen praktischen und theoretischen Tips, die ich mit Erfolg sofort umsetzen konnte."            Anonym, Deutschland

"Watching Rachel teach my students is tremendously inspiring and valuable.
Through Rachel's photographic memory, her profound knowledge of the needs of different ages and levels and her psychologically empathetic nature, she manages to motivate the students and to bring them to their peak performance with joy. Even the lessons via zoom worked very well thanks to her immense experience with it."                                                                                      Anonymus, Switzerland